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Raspberry Apricot Glazed Cornish Hens

5 Cornish hens 1 Tbs. Volcano seasoning or seasoned salt
1 can apricot nectar   salt and pepper to taste
1 cup raspberry vinaigrette   rosemary sprigs
1 cup apricot jam    

Inject nectar into hens the night before cooking. Mix vinaigrette, and jam together and set aside. Heat a 16" Dutch oven using 22-24 briquettes top and bottom. Wash Corning hens and season with Volcano seasoning, salt, and pepper. Place 1 or 2 sprigs of rosemary inside each hen.

Place hens in pre-heated Dutch oven. Cover and cook 45 to 60 minutes. As the hens brown reduce the heat to prevent burning. Glaze hens with dressing mixture about 20 minutes before they are finished cooking. Remove the rosemary from the hens and discard. Glaze hens again before serving.

Serves: 5-10

(Recipe courtesy of Jeff Currier (Riverton, UT) and Dick Hill (Riverton, UT).

Note: Jeff and Dick placed second at the 1998 World Championship Dutch Oven cook-off with help from these beautiful hens.

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